24 May 2008

unearned hangover

In spite of not drinking anything but fizzy water and decaf last night*, I have felt hungover all day. Kids got up way too early. Then we had a crazy double-bill of a birthday party in the park. After naps (a rare two-fer) I dragged kids, one of them exceedingly grumpy, to a playground. After much whining to go home, the mr grumpy-puss made a new friend and suddenly could not imagine leaving. Once I dragged him home there was baseball and dinner. To cap off the night, we made our way to the airport to fetch CD. I generally make him take cabs when it's too early or too late but this was on the edge of bedtime (would have been closer to the edge if his flight had been on time) and it's the weekend. This meant kids got to bed close to 8:30, about an hour later than usual. We'll see if we end up paying the price tomorrow, or are granted a very rare lie-in. Place your bets.

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Irene said...

You know, I did have a little wine, which is actually a fairly common dinnertime accompaniment, but I also felt like it was 1986 revisited and I just spent the night at a frat party.

Seriously, I slept horribly, my kids were up WAY early, we spent the day doing yard work, carting mulch all through the yard (we use a LOT of mulch), and then ran to my in-laws river cottage until late. By the end of last night I literally was ready to have a full blown toddler tantrum myself. I just felt miserable.

So when are we doing it again?

Tara said...

Can I just say how jealous I am?! I am in love with Gina's blog! She is a riot! So...Do I have to have a kid to get in on this party?!