11 May 2008

the stuff I mentioned yesterday

The anniversary - 5 years. Traditional gift is wood. There's a new lazy susan and a large serving tray in our kitchen now. And more serving utensils to match the really nice silverware we never use.

Spring fair at Oliver's school - It was fun, but I did not win any of the raffle baskets and that means there is something amiss with the universe. I ended up buying all the wrapping paper, made by Oliver's class, that was left at the end. Let me know if you want me to send you some!

Mother's day - Eh. Not much to report.

Our latest science project with Oliver - Butterflies!  The caterpillars arrived yesterday. I thought one of the five was dead but all of them were moving around today and some look bigger already.

Stuff I didn't mention yesterday:

Straightly - "Mum, please fix my cap straightly."

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Happy anniversary and Happy Mother's Day! (Belated, but still worth saying.)

We did a butterfly release for our wedding. We had over 100 chrysallises that we cared for until we released them all as butterflies. It was way cool. I hope Oliver enjoys his five little guys!