04 May 2008

another son-day

Oliver seems to have changed a lot in the few days I was gone. He's acting older, knows more words, is hitting a baseball even better than before, and gives even better hugs than ever. Every hour or so he reminds me that he missed me and needs a hug. And it really seems like he understands the "missing" concept. 

We went to a zoo class this morning that was different from the others we have attended. It was a larger group, a wider age range, and a variety of activities. We only lasted through half of it. Oliver liked some things but as I suspected, he's not really interested in the crafts they do at zoo class. In the classes we usually go to the crafts are just the filler between hearing stories and meeting animals. He tolerates this part because he likes the other bits so much more. When the crafts are voluntary and free choice, as they were today, he's happy to skip them. As a result, he got bored really fast. It was still good to get out, especially since he spent about 12 hours in the car yesterday.

All things being equal, the kid would rather play baseball. Or watch baseball. Or hockey (go Pens!).


Suzy said...

Finally, hockey! Does he know the words to the Canadian National anthem yet?

Kim said...

No, but he hasn't learned any swear words through lip reading either.