20 May 2008


So my 20th college reunion is coming up. It's one of those things I can't wait for, and find scary as all get out at the same time. I spent four years trying to fit in and, for the most part, failed miserably. Yet it was an incredible time in a beautiful place I still love (and would move back to in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented).

I am reminded of all the opportunities I didn't take advantage of. I could have learned to play golf for free, even earning PE credit, on a gorgeous course. But no. I was such an idiot. I could have studied a lot more. The beer would have always been there. Some of the faculty I had are no longer with us.

Though I can't imagine any of my classmates would be interested in this blog, should you happen to be a member of the Williams College class of 1988, please go check out our class' reunion website. You can request a song for the dj to play at the dinner dance, see who is coming and when they plan to arrive, and get lots of other updates. And if there's something you would like to see that isn't there, drop me a line, kim at daboo dot name.


Karen said...

My 20th will be next year. My sister and I were the entire graduating class so reunions don't happen. But every now and then I wonder what it would be like to go to the reunion of the public school I transferred out of in 8th grade.

Jenn said...

The site looks great!

Kim said...

Thanks Jenn. So when are going to register for reunion?!