09 May 2008

ashes to ashes

This is an anniversary present for CD. Five years ago tomorrow, and this is the wood anniversary. It's a dogwood, so very appropriate. Long time readers can probably guess what went in the hole along with the tree. [Hint: I'm not planting any catnip.]

And to CD, meeting you, without question, was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm still more than a little amazed, but also very, very glad, that you wanted to marry me.

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Karen said...

I'm really hoping it wasn't dog poo that went in the hole. Because I just read that it's not the best fertilizer. I'm bummed about it, too. We have such an abundance.

Karen said...

Oh, gosh. I just read the title. Obviously not a long time reader but I can guess what went in the hole and now I feel like aforementioned dog poo. So sorry.

Kim said...

No worries, Karen. Into the hole went the cremated remains of our dear cat, Arabella, who passed on last year at age 17 1/2, our dog Chewy, also lost last year at nearly 13, and half of the remains of Piper, lost two years ago to a horrible disease (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, IMHA) at far too young an age. The other half will eventually go to a recreational area in Wisconsin where she got her first pheasant.

None of these three beasts lived at this house with us but we wanted to bring them with us anyway.

Karen said...

It's a nice tribute and a great way to have them be part of your place.