28 May 2008

it's not news, but it IS bacon

This is kind of old but grabbed my attention anyway. A 12-year vegetarian, mandydale went whole hog (ahem) and ate pork for 30 days. See her photos of the adventure here:

I wouldn't look if you aren't up for feeling hungry. It's not all bacon, but bacon is very well-represented.


Allison Says said...

Ack! Now, I'm a HUGE bacon fan. Honestly, I could eat bacon every morning for the rest of my life and enjoy every bite...but that much pork? My stomach hurts just thinking about it. I just hope it was all safe and cooked well...no one likes getting trichinosis!

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

Whoa, talk about falling off the wagon or farm or something! I'm with Allison, I like bacon well enough, but not that much. Ew.

Kim said...

And I'm now contemplating how I might do 30 days of BACON!!!

I guess this is why I am the one with a "bacon wednesday" feature.