17 May 2008

one of those posts

When I have nothing interesting to say I ramble on about whatever we've been up to. (I fear twitter is getting my best material.) This kind of post is incredibly boring. If not for blog365 I would fold up the MacBook and go to bed. 

Oliver and I headed out this morning for the library to see a puppet show. He's a big fan of Anansi and that was on the menu. During our stop at Starbuck's we ran into the mom of one his buddies. It seems she was waiting for her husband, kids, and another friend with his two kids, also heading to the puppet show. These happened to be two families that missed the insanity of the birthday party so it was nice to see them all again. As we were leaving, the kids got balloon animals and we walked back to one of the family's houses for lunch. The kids had a blast, I got to talk to adults and eat a great lunch...a good time all around.

Eleanor was waking up from a very late nap when I got home so I got Oliver down for his nap, fed the girl, and headed out with her to get a picnic table. We love the teak furniture on our back porch, but it leaves no room for kids when we have friends over. I wasn't sure about the "seating on four sides model" but CD pronounced it acceptable. With any luck, we will get to try it out tomorrow, though the friends we are planning to see did not confirm today. They rarely do. And frequently bail on plans we make, but we love them anyway. If you're reading, I got beer

Other random notes:
  • I am still sweating the job. It really is like deja vu all over again. The last time I spent six weeks checking my email every 10 seconds. It would not be good to do that again.
  • Eleanor's walking continues to improve rapidly. Yesterday she figured out how to stand up without pulling up on something. Oliver did this after he had been walking well for about a month. She is still taking just a few steps here and there, but is a little steadier and more confident every day.
  • Target has some amazing (and cheap) stuff for enjoying the lovely weather (that we are not currently having -- see below).  It's all party of the Cynthia Rowley "whim" line. I could have filled my cart, and then some, in the two aisles they occupy in my store. CD won't believe it but I was very restrained. The battery operated bubble shooter is especially cool. I resisted getting the pink garden hose.
  • I would like it to stop being rainy and cold. That is all.

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I could go crazy in that aisle at Target. Maybe if I ever get a revenue check . . .