11 November 2008

walks, shoots, and leaves

It's Neighborhood Walk day here in the 'burgh so I'm joining the RustBelt Bloggers in documenting my neighborhood. I live in the Point Breeze section of town and I stayed very close to home for my photos. I walked down my street, down the adjacent street, and landed at my bus stop. It's not easy to take pictures with an energetic 18 month old who thinks running in the street kicking leaves is way too much fun.

Though my neighborhood is well within the city limits, it can sometimes feel a world away. I know when I pull off the main road onto my little street, it's like I am not in a city at all. That's one of the beautiful things about Pittsburgh. It's a collection of smallish neighborhoods, loaded with character, rather than one big homogeneous urban mess.

I could argue there are more than a few messes around here, but I'll save that for another day. Head on over to Flickr for more from my morning walk to the bus stop.


Justin Kownacki said...

Point Breeze is one of those communities I never hear much about. It seems like it's NEAR a bunch of places I go, but I don't know of anything that's actually *in* it -- is the East End Co-Op technically in Point Breeze?

Also: an 18 month-old and a puppy have the same outlook on leaves. I doubt either will outgrow it anytime soon...

ClumberKim said...

If you are looking for something that's in PB, check out the block of Reynolds St between Hastings and Gettysburg. You'll find two restaurants (Point Brugge and Pino's), Make Your Mark coffee house, a dry cleaner, veterinarian, general practice doc, and a place to get a haircut. We use 'em all. PB even has its own Light Up Night!

The Frick museum is also in PB. I think of the Co-op as being in Homewood but I'm not sure where the line really is.

albamaria30 said...

Just want to say: Nice title!