12 November 2008

that toddling town

Now that Chicago has been declared center of the universe, and not just because it is the home of NapWarden (designer of this here blog) and the future location of BlogHer 09, it seems appropriate to highlight Chicago's contributions to the bacon frenzy.

Courtesy of Clumber, I bring you deep-fried bacon and an all-you-can-eat bacon bar. I hear arteries slamming shut all over the place.

Coming next week: pull my tie


+clumber said...

How I wish I could partake of these bacon-y treats! My veterinarian continues to say no, so I live vicarously through passing on all these porcine delicacies!

Eternal Sunshine said...

They had Chicken Fried Bacon at the Texas State Fair this year, and I didn't make it over there to check it out!!

I'm planning to make it at home, though.

And now the makers of Bacon Salt (Which is awesome) have Baconaisse, and I'm going this weekend to buy some. Pathetic...