06 November 2008


Kids never get sick when you need them to. Last year I was scheduled to spend a weekend in November in Ann Arbor, watching an agility trial. I managed to convince the chair to "replace" me. I didn't want to go. Our local hunt test was the same weekend and I messed up when I scheduled myself to be in two places at once. So when they asked me to do the agility thing this year I felt guilty about bailing last year and said I would do it. 

Now the weekend has arrived and I spent the last 48 hours hoping one of the kids would get sick so I could stay home. But no. They are both fine so I have a rental car and a hotel room reserved (and a little reservation at The Roadhouse for dinner on Saturday), and a lovely 300 mile drive tomorrow night after work. And a splitting headache, just as a little bonus. 

So I'm off to bed early tonight. For safety reasons. I'd like to get to Ann Arbor in one piece tomorrow.

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