10 November 2008

buy ammo

Dexter, Michigan is kind of cute. There are some old Victorian homes, with sedate color schemes. and an adorable little three-block downtown. As I got lost Saturday afternoon while trying to find some cold medicine for a friend, I noticed a distinct lack of Obama signs. Driving further out of town I started seeing a few McCain-Palin signs. Then I drove past a house with a series of at least five plywood-and-spraypaint signs, advising everyone to stock up on ammo because "socialists are thieves". I should have stopped and taken a photo or two but I didn't, for fairly obvious reasons.

Yes, I was going in the wrong direction entirely.


Trannyhead said...

I would have totally taken a picture and risked being gunned down. That's hilarious.

You know ... I am reminded of this experience i had in college. I went to visit a friend at HIS college in an uber-redneck town and we went to a monster truck rally. His fraternity bought out a whole section in the monster truck rally.

Anyway, it was awesome. Seriously. It's one of the best things I've ever done. It was awesome but not for any of the reasons intended.

So - there were LOTS of mullets everywhere, but my friend was determined to get "The Mullet Photo of the Century." So we were leaving and he told us to keep walking towards his car because he was going to get his photo. A few seconds later, he came running around the corner bellowing "RUN! RUN! RUN!" So - um - duh. We ran.

Apparently he had gone up to some dude with a Monster Truck T-shirt, cut-off jeans, and a Confederate Flag bandanna on the mullet and bellowed, "Hey, Bubba!" When the guy turned around, he took his photo and ran the hell away.

Wow - this was a long comment and not entirely related. But just thought I'd share.

Matt said...

Ugh. Dexter is the town where some of Mika's cousins grew up, and I could tell you some ugly second-hand stories....hmm, maybe I should wait until the Michigan Militia gets broken up first, though.