24 November 2008

thanksgiving for a slacker wanna-be

For some bizarre reason, CD likes Thanksgiving. For a guy from across the pond, he's quite enamored of the whole turkey thing. This is perhaps because I handle the cooking and most of the clean-up around here. Maybe it's something else. I really don't know.

Two years ago, when we were getting ready to haul ourselves to the UK, when I was pregnant and Oliver was 19 months old, I was let off the hook. This year I made my feelings plain, that it's silly to cook a full Thanksgiving feast for two adults and two kids under 4. In his usual subtle fashion, CD made his feelings plain too. Turkey. Brussels sprouts. You know. He need not ask for stuffing, as I would eat that daily without complaint.

I did manage one small concession. We are having a turkey breast, not a whole turkey. We are also having the aforementioned Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, at least one kind of stuffing, and cranberry orange sauce which may or may not be chutney from a jar.

Where I have been let off the hook is with dessert. I was thinking of making a pumpkin pie but CD suggested we break out that extra Christmas pudding we bought last year. I think it has enough booze in it to be well-preserved. Foiled, the one time I consider not slacking. 

At least there will be stuffing. And turkey sandwiches. I'll be shocked if the kids eat any of it so there should be plenty of leftovers.


Suzy said...

No peas?

ClumberKim said...

No peas. Don't worry. The kids get them at least twice a week. I do have turkey nuggets as a backup plan. If I do that I'll do peas.