18 November 2008

what about the self-united husbands?

The schizophrenic snow in the 'burgh the last couple of days has been pretty wild. Sun, whiteout, rinse, repeat. This photo, courtesy of a really interesting iPhone camera bug, captures well how we're feeling now that we've lost our PittGirl. Cold and entirely out of sorts.

I was going to link to all the other bloggers who put it far better than I can but Woy beat me to it. My favorites are Jim Lokay and UncleCrappy but you really should read them all.

So many of the 'burgh faithful, not to mention several dozen self-united husbands, join me in mourning today. Godspeed, PittGirl.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, Kim.

Reading through the various posts, I think we each have our own way of remembering PittGirl. It's nice to know that we share a common respect and admiration for her and what she did.