07 November 2008

and she was

Thanks to a wide variety of strange radio stations, ranging from classical organ to BBC world service to Talking Heads to, I know I will regret admitting this in public, Delilah, none lasting more than 20 minutes, I have arrived in Ann Arbor. It's a lovely little 290 mile trip, across Ohio, in the rain, in a rental car. The minivan has spoilt me forever. I now feel like my butt is dragging across the pavement in normal cars. But I digress....

The hotel appears to have been overrun with 13 year old water polo players, and some other very LOUD teenagers who do not appear to have the water polo thing going on. And to make me feel oh so warm and fuzzy, the hotel folks said they could give me the room I reserved but I would have to move out of it tomorrow (after I get oh, maybe 5 hours of sleep after my 5 hours of driving) because someone asked for that room specifically. Oh, puhleeze. Room XXX at the Courtyard in Ann Arbor is really all that? They are giving me extra points for my trouble but at the rate I'm going I'll never have enough for a free room night anyway.

To top it all off, the internet connection feels like someone poured molasses in it. Can I go home now? Where's the wine?

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virginia said...

Williams beat Amherst in a football nail-biter in the rain in the Pioneer Valley today, Kim. And tomorrow our women (undefeated and ranked #1 in D3 nationally) take on Amherst on Cole Field in the NESCAC finals -- I'm thinking both teams are on their way to NCAAs. So some things are going well.

I'm thinking your today has been good because you expected so very little of it and had such a lousy yesterday. I hope so.

Safe home.