03 November 2008

RC everything

CD and I had dinner at Richard Chen last night. It lived up to what we had heard. Expensive. And good. And expensive. We had a 20% off coupon and I still had sticker shock when I caught a glimpse of the check. The food was good. A definite step up from our usual delivered Chinese food but not four times better, or even three times better if I take the wine off our bill. I seriously doubt they will be around a year from now. Pittsburgh will support reasonably priced good food, but this is over-priced and not in the best location for a place with one strike against it. Prove me wrong, Pittsburgh. I dare you.

The food really was pretty good. CD and I shared a duck salad and potstickers. Both were done well. I probably could have eaten the duck salad alone and been perfectly happy. We also had mongolian beef and chili prawns. The beef was a little boring for me, but I had just a bite. The prawns were by far the best I have ever had. The spice level was just right and all the flavors very well-balanced.

I totally didn't get the "RC" cocktails. They were all numbered, as in RC #1, RC #2, etc. Four were sold out so I didn't even bother reading further. And the RC salad was sold out too. What's with the RC stuff and most of it being sold out? RC to me is a crappy cola drink (Royal Crown, I think) with an odd after-taste that is cheaper than Coke. Something to avoid, not order. We went with an okay Washington Syrah called "Basketcase" instead.


Allison Says said...

I had been thinking about making a request to Zach to go there for my birthday dinner, but now I'm not so sure. If it wasn't AMAZING, it definitely wouldn't be worth the extremely high prices.

ClumberKim said...

For the money, Isabella on Grandview might be a better choice.