16 November 2008

I have buttons and he knows how to use them

Oliver is a great kid. A little too great for his own good sometimes. He's smart and funny and charming as all get out. He can be exasperating, frustrating and downright obnoxious. As his Mum, I get to see all sides of him, including the charmer he can be at school and the holy terror he can be at home. [Note I said "can be." That was on purpose.] Knowing how great he can be makes the times when he's out of control all the more frustrating.

CD is off to yet another geekfest this week so I will get to see a bit more of the brat than I would like. I try to remember it's tough to be 3, especially when half of your world up and leaves. I try to be more patient when he starts pushing my many buttons and I inch closer to the edge. I try. And try. And don't always succeed. 

Today was a tough one. We took CD to the airport, went to Music Together, and spent the rest of the day at home. It was cold and snowy and we didn't want to go outside. In retrospect, a short walk around the neighborhood would have been a good idea. If they don't sleep through the night I will know I made a mistake.

5 more sleeps.

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Suzy said...

You know you can send him my way anytime!