27 November 2008

I told you so

Since I can't say "I told you so" out loud in my house right now, I will do it here. Against my better judgement, I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner that was pretty close to being complete. My audience? CD, Oliver, and Eleanor. Though I hoped to find a few refugees at some point over the previous month, that was a big fat FAIL. I warned CD that the kids were unlikely to be interested in this fare but he was unconvinced. 

So today I prepared a 5 pound turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and cranberry sauce. And Christmas pudding. (More about that later.) And as expected, the kids wanted no part of it. Oliver begged for a carrot and ate the one I gave him. He ate a few bites of turkey, telling us it was really chicken, and refused everything else. Eleanor just fussed the whole time. I finally cut up an apple for her, and Oliver wanted some too. Despite being promised some time with a new Dora game on Daddy's "bacooter" this weekend if he ate a good dinner, Oliver remained unmoved.

The only thing I was truly interested in making for Thanksgiving was pumpkin pie. When the meal was discussed CD requested we have the Christmas pudding leftover from last year.  It was pretty good, especially since we waited until the kids were in bed before eating it.

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