09 November 2008

she ate until she exploded

Before getting to the food, I must offer a brief public service announcement. If you are heading to Ann Arbor do not, I repeat DO NOT, consider staying at the Courtyard by Marriott even for half a second. There are lots of other choices and I strongly suggest you explore them. I arrived late Friday night with a reservation. I was told I would have to change rooms for my second night. Ugh. But okay. I can live with that. Then it was so freakin' loud I didn't get to sleep until 1am, only to be awakened around 6:30am with a wake-up call I didn't order. Despite telling the person on the other end of the line that no, I'm not Julie and no, I don't want to be awake now, they called AGAIN!!! When I got back after dinner, in a really good mood, I was put in another room that was kind of nice. I left the fans on to drown out the noise and got to sleep. All was well, until 6:30am when the TV spontaneously turned on. I could not find an alarm "feature" on the damn thing so I have no idea what caused it to do that. So consider yourself warned. I used to like Marriott properties but I doubt I will ever stay in one again.

In better Ann Arbor news, I managed to squeeze in TWO trips to Zingerman's Roadshow today. First for breakfast, when I got my free doughnut, a burrito and coffee, and asked that they save some bread for me. I planned to pass through on my way out of town around 5pm. Plans changed slightly and I got out of there at 2:30pm (enabling me to get home just in time to see the kids off to bed), fetching my bread and a sandwich that will have to be lunch tomorrow since I didn't stop at all on the drive home. On the other hand, I may not be hungry again by then. Maybe Tuesday.

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carla said...

saw you @ napwardens.


so miss it....