14 November 2008

homework? at my age?

Instead of being a good little blogger, crafting a post worthy of my readers, I watched Casino Royale tonight, because that's what you do the night before going to see the movie that starts moments after Casino Royale ends. I'm thinking this was a good thing. Though the jury in my head remains out on Daniel Craig, I had thoroughly forgotten most of the plot and absolutely all of the details.

A bit more about Daniel Craig.... I know I'm supposed to swoon for him, and he does have rather nice eyes, but I'm just not there yet. He's not Bond for me. I'm a Sean Connery/Pierce Brosnan girl. Craig reminds me of a guy who would be more at home in a Brooklyn bar than Monte Carlo or Scotland. But I'm willing to give him another chance.

And in the realm of random Bond trivia, I happen to know the producer's ex-boyfriend

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Trannyhead said...

I haven't seen the new Bond, but the last one sucked. The Bond was all right, but I hated the "romantic" and "emotional" vested type stuff. Bond to me is supposed to be kind of a caricature of himself. Almost a joke, but debonair. He's not supposed to have feelings.

Anyway - I'm going to see the new bond regardless.

And I agree - he has great eyes. But in a sort of sultry and brooding kind of way.