08 August 2008

kiss it goodbye

Our highchair days are numbered and much as I love its Eric Carle/Hungry Caterpillar design, I am tired of its presence in my dining room. I cannot wait to see how much larger the room seems when it is gone. Been looking at it non-stop since September of 2005. Long enough.

As of yesterday, Oliver is in a big chair with a booster and Eleanor has his tripp trapp chair. She's doing better in it now that I remembered to adjust it back to where Oliver started.

This is only a preview of the big furniture shift slated for January. The crib in Eleanor's room will morph into a full size bed and relocate to Oliver's room. His toddler bed will go to Eleanor. The dresser in Eleanor's room will lose the changing table top and land in Oliver's room with a new hutch-style top. His dresser will move to Eleanor's room. Got all that?

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