06 August 2008

who put the salad on the grill?

Wednesday Bacon is back. In my search for some new bacon recipes I discovered an odd, at least to me, idea -- grilling salad greens. Even during the summer when throwing anything and everything on the grill seems like a good idea, I'm not entirely buying it. 

Sara Foster got me thinking about this a little more by throwing scallions on the grill during the class I attended last week. I never would have thought to do that on my own. Then I started wondering what other grilling opportunities I was missing.

So maybe it's not a trend but here they are, recipes that include grilled romaine, grilled radicchio, and more grilled radicchio. And they all have bacon, in one form or another, in them too. How bad can they be?

Have you tried grilling radicchio or romaine? I want to hear about it!

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Jami said...

Last summer I had plans to grill endive, but it didn't end up happening. The endive found itself unused and in our composter. Let me know if you try grillin' greens and how they turn out. Maybe you'll inspire me to actually follow through with my grilling experiments!