03 August 2008

sacrifice to the travel gods

I know about burying a St Joseph to bring good luck when trying to sell a house (though I wasn't smart enough to actually do it). But what is the appropriate sacrifice to make to the travel gods? 

At present, I am in Maine and CD is near London. In about 5 hours he flies from Heathrow to Dublin. Then he catches a plane from Dublin to Boston, with a stopover in Shannon. We are scheduled to arrive in Boston at about the same time, though I will be arriving with the kids in our rental car. The plan is to meet at the gate for our flight to Pittsburgh, since he has to claim a bag, clear customs, and re-check his bag when he gets to Boston.

There are so many things that could go wrong, I can't even run through the possibilities without risking total brain implosion. 

I do know this, though. If I get to Pittsburgh without CD I'm going to have a hell of a time finding the car in the vast wasteland that is long term parking.

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Unknown said...

You DO like living on the edge, don't you?