19 August 2008

theater, with rabbits

It's not every day that bunnies hop through the set of a play, let alone appear on cue, but tonight at Quantum Theatre's production of Cymbeline that's exactly what happened. 

It is staged in a park, with a very sparse set, but it is a beautiful setting and we had a perfect night. We started the night off with a little picnic, and our first chance to talk in days. The play is crazy, with plot twists and turns that reminded me of roller coasters and soap operas, made all the more complex by having six or seven actors play more than 20 parts. Some of the switches are instantaneous and aided by very creative costuming.

I know I'm not doing it justice. There are only a few nights left. You really should go see it for yourself. Bunnies may or may not show themselves.

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