10 August 2008

sonday sportscaster

Oliver saved his best material for the end of Sonday. I should not have worried that I would have nothing to blog tonight. While CD was giving Eleanor a bath, Oliver and I headed outside for a little ring toss. We haven't played in a few months and I almost forgot we had it but I was desperate for something other than baseball.

It was yet another time I wish I could record all the little moments. At one point he removed one of the plastic sticks from the ground and started using it as a microphone, breaking into a "Pinky Pinkerton" (of Bunnytown fame) impersonation. I'm not sure what made our little game of ring toss qualify as Super Silly Sports, but it clearly did in his mind. He gave running commentary, pulled a blade of grass that he presented to me as a trophy, and "signed off" just like Pinky. Then he realized how silly it all was and we both rolled on the grass giggling our heads off. I thought I would die right there of a cuteness overdose.

Other than this blog, and occasional video and photos, all I have is my increasingly faulty memory to keep track of all the little moments of childhood. As BurghBaby's Mom recently noted, we can't put them in bottles. How do the other parents out there solve this problem?

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Colleen said...

how cute!

I'm still trying to figure out how to bottle that all up to save. I think just keeping it in my heart is all I can do right now.