21 August 2008

in which, we meet the baby of Eleanor's dreams

It's no secret Eleanor is large. She's tipping the scales at 28.4 pounds this week, at 16 months of age. That's well over the 95th percentile for a girl her age. I recently became electronically acquainted with a BOUS (baby of unusual size) named Sumo. He could be the perfect match for Eleanor, a TOUS (toddler of unusual size) herself. Not everyone can truly appreciate her thighs and their fat rolls. Yes, women of a certain age tend to want to take a bite out of them, but it's not really the same.

I think if he really wants to live up to his name Sumo should visit us and let nature take its course, so to speak. I predict much belly-bumping and giggling, as only the under-2 set can do.

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Kim said...

My four-month-old is 19lbs! He's off the chart. Kind of cute, but he's killing my back!