16 August 2008

baby boom

There are two baby elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I'm not sure if this is Angelina or Zuri but neither of them look real when you see them. They look a bit like toy elephants standing with their mums. Then they move and the cuteness about kills you. The baby tiger is cute too, but there's something extra going on with the elephants.

It was a quick trip to the zoo for us today, less than two hours. We should have aimed to get there at 9 because the crowds are nuts. We may try to go again on one of the days Oliver doesn't have school later in the month. Fortunately, we live about 10 minutes away and really can go anytime.

1 comment:

Wineplz said...

I can't believe you only live 10 min from the zoo. how fun! Wish we lived closer to one; it was always my favorite placed to go as a kid.

And you're not kidding...those baby elephants ARE something amazing.