04 August 2008

must have done something right

I kept my expectations low for today's travel adventure. The idea of CD's flights all being on-time, and me getting to Boston with the kids, including returning the car and checking in alone, at the right time to meet him was too much to even consider. 

Remarkably, it all went well. Eleanor was fussy during the drive to Boston but Oliver slept through it so the only one she bothered was me. And I'm used to it.

Once again, Ellie didn't nap and didn't sleep on the plane until we were landing, but she screamed a lot less this time, perhaps because she was hanging out with CD instead of me. And the best part? There were no nearby adults who were visibly allergic to children this time.

We're all tired but glad to be home. Back to work tomorrow.


Jenn said...

Glad to hear it went relatively well and that you are home safe!

LceeL said...

Well done you. Welcome home.