25 August 2008

all the news

Jack and Jill are doing well. Jack is spending a night at the vet after being neutered. Since he barked all last night I thought we could all use a break and they were willing to keep him.. Jill is starting to answer to her name and is being a very good girl. She's going to make someone a great dog someday soon. If all goes well, they will be in foster care by the weekend and another step closer to forever homes.

Eleanor had a great first full day at school. 

Oliver's new teacher wants to do a home visit. I thought that was just when he joined the school, not every year. Good thing the cleaners come tomorrow!

Classes started at work today and it's chaos. I still need another month to get ready.

I'm doing fantasy football and the draft is minutes away. Yet here I am, blogging, instead of poring over the rankings and stats. Why? Because I really don't care. A week ago it seemed like it would be fun. Now? Sleep messes with your head.

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Colleen said...

Glad you were able to make the draft...even better that it was brief!

And O's school does home-visits? Can I ask why?