26 August 2008

open mike

I heard Michelle Obama referred to as fearless today, not so much for her speech at the convention last night, but for letting her young daughter near an open mike! Four years ago, I would not have understood. Today? Different story entirely.

While we're on the subject of the things kids say, Eleanor is in the midst of a little language explosion. She's gone from saying about six words for the last couple of weeks (mummy, daddy, bubba, baby, byebye, uh-oh) to more than ten almost overnight. There were at least two new ones just today (see below). I almost forgot her big one from last weekend, "swirl" (which translates to "squirrel").

In an effort to keep better track of her words, I'll be adding notes at the bottom of my daily posts with any new words. I didn't do a very good job as Oliver started talking. He had a bizarre word for elephant and none of us can remember what it was. Lots of his words required translation. Some still do, but his word for elephant was not anywhere close to being recognized if he had not said it while pointing at elephants consistently.

Eleanor's new words for today:  thank you, dancing


Shamelessly Sassy said...

When my daughter Allie started talking, I loved when she would say squirrel. She said it the same way.

Return to Cubicleland said...

I love the language explosion. My Bun is there right now, and I think she says 10 new words every day! So much fun. It's really fun when Monkey will prompt her. "Say flower, Bun" "Faw-wa." "Say please, Bun." "Peas." "Say mommy, Bun." "Mom-mom." Too cute!


KG said...


I hadn't thought of that the other night, but it's SO true. I heard that Barack regrets letting them near the microphones in a previous interview because he's trying to protect them from all the media exposure.

Good luck to him with that.

ClumberKim said...

@trannyhead - He probably shouldn't have let Entertainment Tonight interview them if he's trying to protect them from the media. Me thinks he needs a page from the Clinton playbook.

Unknown said...

Was the "swirl" near the airport?