29 August 2008

oops....I did it again

A few weeks back my plurk buddies were privy to something they probably wish they had been spared. I shared that on that day, just before noon, I discovered why my panties suddenly felt like the waistband had shrunk dramatically. That's how it feels when you don't put your legs (one at a time, of course) through the proper holes in the panties. Give it a try and you'll soon discover what I mean. Not.Fun. 

At the time I blamed lack of sleep, dressing in the dark, anything I could think of. Today the only thing I can say is that I didn't make it out of the house without rectifying the situation. Progress!

In other news from the realm of déjà vu, we have the nomination of Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. As I said earlier in the day, though I still have not consumed the Obama kool-aid, McCain just handed me the straw. The announcement struck me as shockingly similar to the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. It came out of no where, seems a little bit silly, and voters willing, won't go anywhere.

Couple of updates from old stuff:  I didn't hear any new words from Eleanor today but she did say "thank you" when CD gave her a cup of milk tonight, entirely unprompted. I guess she does know what it means!  And our rescue girl, Jill, went to her forever home this afternoon. It wasn't easy but I didn't cry.


Unknown said...

There IS an advantage to having that nice, wide waistband on my boxer briefs!! I can put them on, in the dark, and get them right. Every time.

ClumberKim said...

The things women endure to rid themselves of the scourge that is visible panty lines.

ETL said...

Hiya KD,

CL from way out in flyover country. Although, the folks on the coasts consider Pittsburgh nearly as irrelevant as, say Omaha, you know. ; )

I had laboriously typed out (you'd know it if you ever have witnessed my typing skills) a witty, logical, well-documented and ridiculously long response to your Sarah Palin comments, but managed to lose it when I went back today before posting it and, clicking on the comments link, got a fresh start and totally obliterated my stuff.

No doubt you'd have had the opportunity to see that error of your ways by this time if not for this unfortunate technological glitch.

In short (without all the hoopla):

1) Harriett Meirs was an old Texas crony of GWB's. Palin is about as "outsider" as they get

2) Perfect political jujitsu play. BHO, et al can't criticize Palin's relatively short resume without highlighting his equally thin record. Actually, she's been involved in politics longer than BHO. And has executive experience. The only thing he's run other than his own office is the "Annenburg Challenge" foundation and they don't wanna talk about that because it was a flop and it involves unrepentant Weatherman Bill Ayers and their relationship.

3) Joe B is, after decades in DC, is not exactly "change we can hope for" or "hope we can believably change" or whatever it is. Also, he's something of a political street fighter and that doesn't work because "you can't hit the girl". Ask Rick Lazio vis a vis HRC. Or recall GHW Bush's bad press after his debate with Geraldine Ferraro and catching his open mike "(we) kicked a little ass" comment.

Anyway, love you guys. Great reading about the kids and bless you for the Clumber rescue work.

Had a great weekend. An old college friend and bandmate came up and we played some R&Bish gospel on piano plus my new Hammond B3/Leslie "clone" (a Nord C1 for those interested) at church this morning. We even snuck in Ray Charles' "Drown In My Own Tears" as an instrumental by not explicitly quoting the melody too much. That appealed to my sense of humor certainly. At any rate, the Lutherans seemed to enjoy it and some of them, I'm pretty sure, even clapped on 2 and 4, rather than 1 and 3. (Think "Hit the Road, Jack".)

ETL said...

BTW, I seem to be on Emma's account. That would explain the "etl said" and the picture of the girl in the sunglasses.