18 September 2005

Songs from the Big Chair

(Apologies to Tears for Fears. I'm really dating myself....)

I didn't include CD on the choice of high chair so I thought it only fair to leave it for him to put together when he returned from San Francisco. Oliver seems to like the view, but I'm finding my aim with the spoon is suffering (see second photo). I think need to get a stool.

You can see anticipatory drool if you look closely at the first photo. Oliver really loves cereal.

In other "big chair" news, Oliver's new carseat finally arrived and was installed. We will see how he likes it in the morning. It's a fairly complicated contraption, at least until it can be switched to forward facing. If he doesn't like it I may climb in as it looks more comfortable than anything we have for adults. It is a bit of a cliché to say it looks like a Barcalounger but that's the most accurate description I can come up with.

To make it a hat trick of progress, Oliver went into his bathtub last night without being wrapped in a receiving blanket (and without screaming in protest). He's growing up and it's going by much too fast.

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