01 September 2005

don't try this at home

At the risk of talking about poop again, and almost as often as Dooce, Oliver had some spectacular gastro-intestinal distress yesterday, so bad that we were asked to get him out of daycare. Not that I minded....if it were someone else's kid exposing mine to who-knows-what, I'd want the parents to fetch the kid too.

The worst part is it appears this was entirely my fault. I've had a bit of a cold and since I can't take sudafed or anything else that would be helpful, I went for the Vitamin C. I give the dogs a 1000mg timed-release hit of C daily so we always have it around. I took one when I was feeding them Tuesday night. About 20 minutes later, I couldn't remember if I had taken it or not (see all previous posts related to sleep deprivation) and took another. At this point I should have remembered what happens when the dogs get too much C. When I started giving it to them we began with a small dose. "To bowel tolerance" was the magic phrase. Indeed.

Fortunately, it was all over (no pun intended) as fast as it began. Oliver has forgiven me. Even the little bit of pink on his bum is gone this morning. (Thank you A&D. That stuff is pure MAGIC.) No more C for me until after he's weaned. This is one theory I don't feel the need to test.

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