13 September 2005

adventures in cereal

While I fully intended to hold off on solids until Oliver was six months old, there have been a few indications of readiness I couldn't ignore. He wants to hold my spoon when I am having breakfast. He's interested in watching food. He holds his head up perfectly. He still doesn't sleep. (Yes, the doc says feeding him solids won't make any difference, but I need PROOF.) And the lack of sleep gives me little resistance. I had discussed the whole solid food thing briefly with one of the educators at Oliver's new school and she was encouraging. Then I noticed a box of rice cereal in the "help yourself" basket in Oliver's classroom. This was followed by a sample of organic baby rice cereal arriving in yesterday's mail. It seemed like a sign.

The doc said now or later, it's all good with him. So last night, in spite of CD's absence, I mixed a tiny bit of rice cereal with what was probably too much breastmilk and let Oliver have a taste. I was expecting the tongue thrust reflex to send the concoction all over the kitchen but I was wrong. There was no tongue thrust at all, just a slightly puzzled expression and an open mouth looking for more.

I may try a bit more tonight, mixed a little less thinly. Check back for a picture should I be feeling brave. I didn't want CD's camera anywhere near the cereal last night, in case it did end up sprayed all over.

Now we need a high chair. There's a wonderful Eric Carle model on eBay....

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