17 September 2005

"Aunts don't let nephews be Yankee fans"

While I may never forgive my family for not taking me to the seventh game of the '75 series, I'm still a Red Sox fan. During our week in New England last month I was reminded of how many summer evenings I spent watching my beloved Sox on TV. Oliver sees very little TV but he did watch a bit of baseball with me in Maine.

Today we learned Oliver's Aunt Suzy made him a member of Red Sox Kid Nation. It's a neat little package...a cap, a small squishy ball, stickers, baseball cards, team photo, lots o' great Sox stuff. Given the dismal state of the Pirates these days, I'm glad to share an alternative alliance with my son. May he never experience an autumn of decline in the Red Sox fortunes. At the very least, may he always loathe the Yankees. While he looks good in blue, he looks even better in red.

Oliver now weighs 17 pounds. We had to get him bigger diapers today, which also involves changing type and/or brand. We're trying out two different kinds to see which fit better. It reminds me of bra shopping, going through the trauma of trying on lots of different models, finally settling on one that mostly works, only to discover the manufacturer has discontinued it. To the good people who make Pampers I say, "BIGGER SWADDLERS, please."

He tried oatmeal tonight and liked it just as much as the rice he started eating earlier this week. He will take his new high chair for a spin tomorrow. It's got wheels so it could actually spin, though too much of that would probably result in walls, or dogs, coated in cereal. Not pretty.

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