30 August 2005

stuff we love, volume 5

Pampers Swaddlers really are the shit. Pun most definitely intended. Tried the BabyDry version of Pampers and they are icky. Nothing icky may touch the backside of my bunny. Swaddlers are soft and smell good. Usually.

I swear the first diaper of morning always weighs more than Oliver. How does it do that and not ooze pee all over the place? 24 out of 25 poops are nicely contained. I assumed poo bombs went off all over the place just about every day. This is no doubt the consequence of reading far too many baby blogs. Pampers keep the poo where it is supposed to be. Who knew?!

I do have one teensy issue with Pampers. They don't make a giant box of Swaddlers in size 2. How hard is this???? They make the giant box in size 1 and size 1-2, but not size 2, which Oliver has been wearing for at least a month, and which he will likely continue to wear for a good while longer. It's like they lured me in with the 1s and 1-2s in the giant box, then just when I was hooked, we're sent back to buying the smaller packages and paying more. Hoodwinked, I say....we've been HOODWINKED!

And what's up with size 1-2 anyway? I have heard stories of Pampers customer care reps trying to convince people who need size 2 to buy 1-2 because they are the same. THEY ARE SMALLER! THEY DO NOT FIT! So put the size 2s in the giant box already. Sheesh.

I haven't even checked if Cruisers are available in size 3, in the giant box. I couldn't bear the disappointment, at least not until I get more sleep.

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