19 August 2005

not sleeping - let me count the ways

Sleeping on vacation? HA! Oliver found MANY different ways to not sleep while on vacation. The first complication was my not being able to move him to a pack 'n play without waking him up. My arms are not long enough put him in without dropping him the last few inches. (That's my theory anyway....I didn't actually drop him.) I can do it in a PnP with a bassinet but he exceeds the weight limit these days. So the solution was to remove the mattress and put it on the floor. Worked reasonably well, though I had trouble not jostling him too much there as well. And I had to worry about him moving around too much. He didn't move far, but the fear remained that I would go into the room and not be able to find him.

Then there was the night he got so upset he hyperventilated, as I did as a child pretty much at the drop of a hat. That's one apple that could have fallen a tad further from the tree. What set him off remains a mystery but it took over an hour of lying on the floor with him, nursing, patting, anything I thought he would find comforting before he was even breathing normally. He "celebrated" that night by pooping in the middle of the night (a first!) and continuing to poop five more times that day (definitely a record).

His newest trick in the realm of "not sleeping" is to wake up exactly one hour after being put down. This started on vacation and persists now that we are back home. Sometimes the problem is a burp he couldn't get out before I put him down. Sometimes not. I may never figure that one out. I've decided that's okay. Yeah. Right.

He did manage to sleep in the car a bit. Sometimes. It seemed like when the other occupants of the vehicle were relaxed, he was too. He picks up on tension a little too well, I think, especially given how tightly wound his mum can be.

Just to prove he does sleep peacefully, sometimes, here's a pic taken by the aforementioned visiting Daboo during our visit to the ridiculously cool Eric Carle Museum. Even if it is in AmHerst, MA, we liked it anyway.

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