01 August 2005

WBW 2005

Welcome to World Breastfeeding Week 2005. I know you've all been waiting for this.... For me it is probably coming just in time. I need some encouragement after we had some BF trauma last night. For the first time, Oliver refused to nurse. He was hungry and screaming, yet refused to latch. Both of us were crying. It was absolutely horrible. CD to the rescue though, remaining calm as wife and baby melted down simultaneously. We collaborated on giving him a couple of bottles and finally got him to sleep.

I'm sure my nerves were raw from having spent two and a half hours getting him down for a nap earlier in the day, only to have him sleep 10 minutes. I don't know that we will ever solve the weekend napping problem. Oliver did nap while I was off doing the Chicken Run, so it seems to only be a problem when I am around. I'd best not think on that too long, or I'll surely be back to thoughts of what a terrible mommy I am.

The good news is he nursed just fine at midnight, 3:45am, and 6:30am. And though he lost two ounces from Saturday to Sunday, the net weight gain for the week was 7.5 ounces (up from 4.5 ounces last week and 5 ounces the week before).

I will celebrate WBW by testing out a hands-free pumping device made from hair elastics. No film at 11, I promise.

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