05 August 2005

Better be a growth spurt

Oliver continues to be the baby who will not sleep. I was ready to sell him to the circus last night. He was up every 90 minutes or so. At 6am he conked out until I woke him up at 8:30. At least he had the good sense to greet me with that goofy toothless grin that turns me to mush.

Once again we're taking larger bottles to daycare, and he's gaining weight well, leading me to conclude we're in a growth spurt. I hope last night was just a case of Oliver placing his order for more milk.

I hope that being outdoors a bit more over the next few days will lead to better naps and better nighttime sleep. It is abundantly clear to me why sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture. A friend suggested a little rubber mallet therapy. That sounds surprisingly appealing right now.

Rats die after 14-16 days without sleep. If this isn't a growth spurt, and one that's over soon, this could be my last post....

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