22 August 2005

the growth spurt continues

Oliver continues to grow at an amazing rate. He is now about 25" long (one more inch and he's outgrown his carseat) and very nearly 16 pounds. That's a gain of 2 pounds in about 25 days.

What I am finding frustrating is the knowledge I am making enough milk, as we learned while on vacation, yet I am starting to need to add formula to bottles we take to day care because I cannot pump enough. While I feel strongly that day care is a good thing for Oliver and for me, I am growing ever-resentful, knowing I could meet his nutritional needs, but my job prevents it. I have viewed the need to supplement as something of a personal defeat, which is no doubt very silly, but it has helped to stay determined to keep going on this BFAR journey. I suppose this is one tangle I'm not going to extricate myself from for a few more months and I should just get used to this feeling.

And about those carseats....just when I thought I was settled on the Britax Marathon, they go and introduce the Decathlon, which appears to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. The available patterns are not nearly as cool as the Marathon but it is allegedly a nice upgrade. Alas, I can't get it in the design I like best of the meager offerings (Onyx) until later in September. I'm not sure Oliver can hold off growing that long but the design I saw at BRU is hideous. Good thing Oliver isn't yet a slave to fashion. I will hold out hope for Britax to offer covers as they do for the Marathon.

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