05 August 2005

Stuff we love, volume 4

I really can't say enough good things about Hanna Andersson clothes. They wear like iron and fit so well. My only gripe, other than the prices, is they seem to have more clothes for girls than for boys but that's probably just my perception. I don't have the brain power (see next post) to count the items and know for sure.

Finding good deals on Hannas on ebay is my new obsession, though I hope not to go the route of the woman obsessed with Gymboree clothes. I get giddy just thinking about a trip to the Hanna outlet next week. For anyone planning a bunch of kids, buy Hannas.

Adult Hannas are pretty cool too. I could not have lived without my black maternity skirt. And at last, Hanna makes clothes for the vertically challenged. She finally realized we're not all tall Scandinavians.

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