24 September 2005

scissors and glue

One of the interesting requirements of parents at Oliver's school is that we make a gift for his room. This year's gift making activity for the Infant Wing is an "All About Me" book. Really just a small photo album but I am told as the children get older these books are used to comfort them, remind them of home, etc. I was concerned at first since we were told to bring photos of relatives and Oliver has a whole side of his family tree, with one exception, that he hasn't met yet. Leaving things to the last minute, we spent most of the evening before the activity printing photos.

The activity part of this was to decorate the cover of the book. It was an interesting collaborative effort for Oliver's parents, who have very different ideas, both practically and aesthetically. Entertaining, no doubt, for any flies who happened to be on the walls. We selected paper, glued pictures, used rubber stamps and markers....not things we do every day. Kind of therapeutic, in an odd way.

We have a few things left to do, like take a photo of Oliver's back for the back cover of the book (one of the things we agreed upon) and a few more photos that need labels, but it was in good enough shape to leave at school on Friday. I hope Oliver enjoys it. I'm sure his teachers will find it entertaining.

This is how we spent the afternoon of CD's 40th birthday, Wednesday. The remainder of the day was fairly quiet. Weekday evenings usually find us too exhausted to do much more than feed dogs, Oliver, and ourselves and this evening was no exception. We will have to find a better way to mark this milestone birthday later on.

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