01 July 2008

even more daylilies

The daylily explosion is just getting revved up. Every morning there is another new variety blooming. I missed this one until I came home after work due to a frantic dash to catch the bus. The bizarre bus schedule has finally become clear thanks to a very helpful third party website. It seems there is a bus at 8:05, then 20 minutes before the next one. This is very different from the buses that ran near our old house, especially during the busiest part of the morning. At least the mystery is solved. The buses aren't late - there just aren't any scheduled.

Back to the daylily, it's almost the opposite of the one I posted yesterday. They are just so pretty and incredibly easy to grow. I recommend them if you think you can't grow pretty flowers. Somehow, they seem to thrive on neglect. It doesn't get much easier than that.


Allison Says said...

How beautiful!

Taking the bus can be confusing sometimes. I'll get to start doing that from the new place in the fall!

Hey-Zach mentioned something about you wanting something from your old garden? He didn't really know what you were talking about, but I'm guessing you want a perennial? Well, whatever it is..it's your garden! Take whatever you want!

Kim said...

Taking the bus from the new place is a piece of cake. Coming home? Not so much. But then, the last time I did it regularly, I was pregnant. Then my doctor told me to stop doing the hills around my sixth month.

Yeah, Zach was right. I want the hydrangeas, but they are blooming now so it's probably not the best time to move them. Maybe in the fall, and we can choose some perennials for fall planting to put in their place. The witch hazel probably could do with pruning too.

There are "matching" daylilies at your new place too, since I split the plants and moved them to our new house. They should be getting ready to bloom.