09 July 2008

I'm so trendy

No, really. I'm trendy. It might be the first time in my life I'm in on a current trend. Growing up in Maine I became accustomed to being on the trailing edge of trends, like 3-5 years. It took that long for things to get to Maine. It was okay. Everyone was in the same boat.

Salon readers will no doubt have seen this article about the current state of bacon popularity. (Shout out to AllisonSays for alerting me.) While it doesn't focus on the bacon-blogger connection, it is clear that bloggers are playing a huge role.

Salon goes even further, during what they are calling Pork Week, with an article on making bacon. (another shout out to Allison, since I wasn't paying close enough attention to see the whole pork week thing) There will no doubt be more bacon in the days ahead. Pork is nice, of course, but bacon is bliss.


Allison Says said...

Salon is having a field day with Bacon:


Kim said...

bloody hell

Colleen said...

I LOVE bacon. You know those beggin' strips commercials? That should actually be me... "bacon Bacon BACON!!!" No joke.
funny thing is that on the day you posted this, we had "brinner" at home (breakfast for dinner), and it included a lot of bacon for me. :)