14 July 2008

that time of year

You know the time...when everyone is packing for BlogHer but you. Two years ago it very nearly overlapped with WWDC. That would have been amazing. CD, Oliver and me all in San Francisco. The adults enjoying hanging with their peeps (or in my case, the women I wish were my peeps) and Oliver meeting some new friends since BlogHer is a conference with childcare. (How cool is that?) Alas, the scheduling was off by a few days so Oliver and I stayed home.

I have set my sights on BlogHer's Reach Out tour in DC. After a few months of being back at work, and surviving the craziness that is the beginning of a semester, I will have more than earned a day away. I may even try to stretch it into two days, but CD has yet another geek fest the week before. Since it is on the west coast, he will probably not get home until Saturday. That means I can probably leave early Sunday. If I fly, which will cost way too much, I would have more time to play in DC. Or I could do Amtrak for about $75 round trip. I like trains. That has possibilities.

Of course, all this thinking and planning could be for naught if CD's employer decides to keep him a few extra days, as they like to do whenever he is in their general vicinity.


Allison Says said...

Oh that would be so much fun! I hope you can go.

Colleen said...

Ooh! hope you can come! And it shouldn't take too long to drive on a Sunday...3-4 hours. It doesn't start until Monday a.m. (unless you've got alternate plans on Sunday, of course). I live in NoVA and it will probably take me nearly 2 hrs to get there with the dang Beltway and all. ;) And I will probably go up on Sunday. Like you, I think I need to get away for a day or two. It'll make me a better wife and mommy (read: less bitter and resentful of hubby's frequent business & fun trips away). :)

Tranny Head said...

I am contemplating that, myself . .