05 July 2008

weekend of potty

Potty weekend continues and we seem to be on a definite up-swing. Oliver woke up DRY! There were NO accidents before about 4pm. He peed in the potty, though not without some angst, at least three times. Every trip to the potty was a trial and it seemed to take forever, but we had success each time. 

Then, post nap, things got a little ugly. He tried for quite a while but nothing came out. 
About half an hour later, we had some lapses. In about 10 minutes we had a major pee accident, then a super colossal poop accident. He announced the pee, but when I could see the giant load in his underwear he denied it. 

The final potty trip of the day was unlike all the others earlier in the day. He sat down and immediately peed. It was a thing of beauty and left us optimistic for tomorrow.

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