03 July 2008

pure as the driven snow

Along with my new job, I have myself a brand spanky new email account. Virgin even. It's never been tainted by spam.

In the spirit of sharing the love, I am holding a contest. How long before the first piece of spam arrives? (No, I don't mean employer-generated junk mail -- I mean spam that the spam filter grabs and sticks in my spam folder. spam spam spam.)

rules: Leave a comment by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 6 with your guess of the date and time the first real piece of spam arrives. One guess per person. Closest guess (measured in minutes) wins. Winner will be announced as soon after spam arrives as possible.

prize: can o' spam with obligatory pineapple accompaniment, or the ever-popular $25 iTunes gift card (winner's choice)


I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

It could be months ... if you never use it for anything but sending mail - NEVER put it out on the internet for ANYTHING - you will not get SPAMMED! The only other way it's possible; you send mail to someone (friend/relative) they acquire a virus or adware that reads thier contact list - BAM! SPAMMED! But if you never ever ever use it for ANYTHING - they will never know you are there.

GOOD LUCK! I have 4 email account (I'm an email admin, so some I use just for testing) and two accounts never get spam, one is my work account, and the other is my SPAM account, it's what I use for all my comments on blogs, it's what I use to order stuff online.

Wineplz said...

considering I work for a major telecom company and we have Network Nazis who are overachievers, I still get a decent amount of spam...and shocking stuff too...like ones advertising child pQrn (which get reported). So I'm thinking...um....by Monday, 7/14/08 3:00am ET.

by the way, I love you for your Monty Python reference. :)

Unknown said...

I'll go with July 16 at 1:57 am.

Unknown said...

Oh how nice to not get spam!

I don't know, though...Tornado is right. I have one e-mail address that has never had a single spam e-mail and I've had it for four years now! I never put it out there for anything.

So...that's tricky. I guess I'll gues something sooner, though, because this contest has to end, right?

How about:

July 29 4:00am

Karen said...

You have to know that I don't want the spam. That stuff is just all kinds of wrong.

But I love a contest! I'm going for next week. How about July 10 at 10:30 pm.

Those people find you, you know.

Zach Paine said...

I shall hazard a guess, but first a question: are you going to use this as your "main" email address or only work? For example, will you post comments on blogs with the new address, or use it in other forums?

ClumberKim said...

To answer Zach's question, I am endeavoring to use this address for work only. As a CMU person, you know it doesn't take long for one's email address to land on a CMU website, and thus be grabbed by google and others. Efforts have been made to help this, but I see it as inevitable.

Zach Paine said...

Wednesday, July 9th, 3am.

KG said...

I say it depends on who is hosting your email account, too. Like if you got a new hotmail account or somebody who sells you out.

ClumberKim said...

@trannyhead It's my work account and I'm at a university, running their own mailserver. It's a .edu domain, not anything like hotmail.

Hope that helps!

Amy B said...

November 3, 2008 11:19pm

Perhaps I'm too trusting!

ClumberKim said...

Sorry Amy, you missed the deadline for entering. It looks like only Colleen, Suzy, and Allison are still in the running.