11 July 2008

the summer cold that will not die

Colds are no fun. Summer colds are just plain wrong. Sneezing and stuffy heads are more tolerable when it is cold and miserable outside. When it is bright, sunny and a little too warm? Wrong.

I've been feeling steadily worse all week. As usual, I feel worst on Friday and I'll spend the weekend trying to get better, just in time to go back to work on Monday. Maybe if I got some sleep that cycle would stop. So why am I still up? iPhone 2.0 of course. My MacBook is not behaving, from both a hardware and a software perspective. Our internet connection is not behaving, as in it dies every 20 minutes or so. We restart the DSL modem and it comes back, until it dies again.

Good times!!!


Tranny Head said...

I HATE those summer colds . . .

Once? I ended up getting summer bronchitis when I was a kid . . . and on vacation with my parents in Canada. Some vacation - all I did was hack up a lung!

Allison Says said...

Ugh, I hate summer colds, too. I'm *finally* better after over a week of being sick.

I hope the computers start working!

...can I tell you how jealous I am that you have an iPhone? I want one more than ever now!