30 July 2008

georgia on my mind

This afternoon I found myself at the Portland Museum of Art, a place I haven't been to in more years than I can count, at an exhibit called Georgia O'Keeffe and the Camera. I learned a lot about Miss O'Keeffe, as my knowledge of her was sorely lacking. 

Though the images were all impressive, the most striking to me was one of her walking her dogs in New Mexico

[Though I know there is bacon in Maine, I haven't seen any since arriving here. Wednesday Bacon is taking a short break.]


Unknown said...

Georgia and Alfred were an amazing couple and an incredible influence on 20th Century photography.

Jami Fitch - Cumberland County SWCD said...

Completely unrelated... How is Oliver taking the news that Manny was traded from the Sox?

Jenn said...

Sounds wonderful! I've always loved Georgia O'Keefe! I'm also tagging you! check out my blog for details