18 July 2008

is this year over yet?

This is definitely one of those nights when I would just go to bed instead of boring you with drivel, if not for Blog365. I've made it too far to give up now. All the whinging I used to do about NaBloPoMo seems more than a little silly at this point.

Since I seem to be abandoning all features this week (wednesday bacon, fabulous food friday), here's a quick run down of live in TDAAB-land:

Eleanor and her nanny joined me for lunch today. The new black dress turned out to be a good choice once Ellie started smearing me with peanut butter and strawberries. It held up far better than expected.

Holy Moly, Plurk. It was ugly when you were down. Only slightly less so when you came back up. Thank you for settling down. Dinging users' Karma while you were down was very un-cool.

Vacation starts in a week. There's no way I'll be ready, especially since we are flying. That requires much more careful packing than I am currently capable of accomplishing.

The nicest renters are moving in to our other house. While we would have liked to sell it, of course, this is the next best thing. I never could have predicted we would be landlords. Ick. I don't even like to type that.

Our first meeting with Eleanor's head teacher went well. We remember the routines from when Oliver was in the young toddler room. Still, it's strange to be back there. I hope the strangeness goes away when we are there every day. Most of the teacher team will be new to us, and Eleanor will be with a group of children that have mostly spent this past year together. So much to worry about but that would only make me crazier -- not good for any of us.

Our last Music Together class is tomorrow. We will take a little break before going back later in the fall, if Oliver can live without Daisy that long.

Aren't you glad we're more than half way through Blog365?


Colleen said...

yeah, you weren't kidding about Plurk...good grief!

Jami said...

I wouldn't worry about Eleanor starting school and making friends. When new kiddos start at B's daycare, it's amazing how fast the veterans welcome in the newbies. I wish adults were as good about it. :)