26 July 2008

are we there yet?

What a day. After a frantic morning of getting the kids, house, and myself ready to go, we got on the flight to Boston, where we found ourselves seated behind a couple that was clearly allergic to children. They started whining for different seats almost immediately (the flight was full) and pitched a hissy every time Eleanor made a sound. She's a screamer, I know, but that does not mean she should not be allowed out in public. Disruptions to the nap schedule are not to be attempted without consequences. She fell asleep five minutes before we landed, and was so conked out that we were able to move her three times, ending up in the backpack where she slept another 45 minutes.

We followed the flight with a lovely two plus hour wait for a rental car. The lines were insane, and when I finally reached the counter there were no cars of the class I reserved available (yet). They told me it would be 10 minutes but it was more like half an hour. We started getting dangerously close to the point where CD would have had to leave for his flight to Dublin. That was a terrifying prospect since my experience installing car seats is non-existent. Note to self:  Sign up for the stupid no-wait programs at all rental agencies before next rental.

CD made his flight and the kids and I got on our way to Maine. Oliver, who had not napped all day, was asleep almost immediately. Eleanor was awake but reasonably quiet. Oliver woke up grumpy and hungry, requesting "Old McDonalds". We managed Burger King and some chicken for O, fish for E. Fortunately, they were not as fussy about it as they could have been, but it's still hard to do it by myself. Oliver is ready to be more of a helper when CD isn't around, but his attention span limits what he can do. He's only three, after all, not thirteen.

So the kids are asleep, not without a struggle, but asleep nonetheless. I have my doubts about this being a vacation.

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LceeL said...

I am praying for your continued sanity.